Functional training

In a functional training you work your muscles through a circuit. Exercises performed in this training try to resemble as much as possible those exercises executed in our daily life, apart from compensating and complementing any sport activity carried out by our students outside of our centre, such as running, paddle, golf, cycling, climbing… Or being able to just carry your grocery bags or going up and down the stairs, since a functional training is oriented to any client.

When giving a chance to a functional training, its pros when applying such exercise are much more than just your strength and aerobic resistance.

This training is carried out using your own body, with some tools that enrich our your own body movement, hardening, assisting and completing your training (TRX, kettlebells, rope, TheraBand, myofascial roller…). In essence, we will help you create an agile body, capable and much younger. Forget about injuries and start now!

Some of its benefits

Knowing why you should try a functional training is simple. Functional training drives your organism to be healthy and to have a feeling of general wellness. Know all the benefits of a functional training, and add it to your training routine.

It is known that the key to losing weight is following a healthy and balanced diet, but if you top it up with a functional training, you will see how your benefits raise.

And that is because functional training not only helps you burning fat, but also improves your muscles strength and stamina, as well as accelerates your metabolism.

The amount of actions you perform every day, like stress or a rocking life pace, and its incorrect postures may derive in muscle imbalance.

Bringing functional training in your routing will promote the correction of wrong postures and muscle imbalances.

Further than just correcting your postures and offering benefits for your body, functional training also helps you avoiding injuries.

The fact that functional training imitates daily movements and vice versa, promotes muscle and joint strengthening. This way, the risk of suffering injuries is considerably cut down.

Performing functional trainings either improves your health and complements other sports. And that is because, thanks to its exercises, it is perfect for body conditioning.

Functional training improves the relationship between the nervous and the musculoskeletal systems, thus obtaining quick, reaction and large-reach movements patterns.

Functional training has direct impact on the core activation. This reaction is used to stabilize our spine against external pressure. To do so, you must follow a group of postural and movement patterns. And that is why you have to imitate every day training postures, to achieve this benefit.

In each session, functional training works flexibility, core body stability, balance, mobility and strength training.

This combination of discipline gives your body complete stability, promoting strengthening and correct health.

In our Raquel Training Team, we will help you achieve your goals in an organic and sustainable way, so that you feel that what you are putting into practice has a positive impact on your health. Do you dare to try this method?
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