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Raquel González, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Pilates teacher, known as raquel_training in social media, has been focused in sustainable and customized sports teaching since 2010.

It all started during her Pilates training in Tenerife. She discovered her passion as a link to ballet, a discipline which she studied in her youth. Even before she finished her training in Pilates, she started working and combining her Master Degree and started her first adventure as Still, everything would root and expand after working in a Pilates studio in Ibiza for a year. Her personal project was born:, her first home-training services brand offering several disciplines, while she was working and studying.

After 8 years of great success among her VIP clients, an improved concept of her wellness home services is born in two different places: Ibiza in summer and Tenerife in winter, working with a team of professionals that offer her clients massages/therapies and beauty home services.

Having established a small centre in Tenerife, she decides to invest her energy in something exclusive, in luxury residences, such as and the Royal Garden Villas, hotel where she offers wellness services to their customers since 2019.

If there is a feature to be highlighted about Raquel, that is definitely her willingness to help others having a healthy and balanced lifestyle, individually and exclusively. Yet, even though she prefers one-to-one teaching, she has also expanded her influence in social media to help anybody online, anywhere in the world. Of course, always counting on her team of qualified trainers.

Small changes bring big changes. Just make one step after the other, and you will reach your goals, no matter how impossible they seem; they are just not. Raquel Training Team will help you get there.


There is a general feeling in our society to take care of oneself and be fitter. However, Raquel Training Team aims to be healthy, to have both a physical and pshycological balance, leaving behind aggressiveness or limitations, and that is linked to all areas in our life. we can help you achieve these objectives with a customized plan adapted to your needs.

Raquel has been linked to the sports and nutrition areas for more than 10 years. Over these years of increasing experience, she decides to study and become a licensed dietitian and nutritionist, but still, because of the requirement level in her company, she opts to sum up a team of nutritionists, all of them under her supervision.

We will teach you to follow healthy lifestyle habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Everything, tailored-made: every plan will be attached to weekly menus for a whole month, with possible updates.

We have 3 different plans: Diet Plan, Training Plan, and Diet + Training Plan.


Since Raquel would like to reach more people, not only individually as a home and online personal trainer, the Home Wellness concept is born, where more services will be covered.

Such services are massages and therapies, all adapted to everybody’s needs, and beauty services, which include facial and body treatments. We only use organic and additive-free brands.

Either our training and nutrition are sustainable, where health goes first, rather than the physical: what is more important is to feel good with yourself, and physical results will come as a consequence of being disciplined and constant in our guidelines.

From her experience, it is a long-distance race, not a sprint. Raquel Training Team will give you the necessary tools for you to learn how to administrate yourself, as well as self-improvement and motivation.

Raquel has a deep knowledge about injuries, injury prevention, postural hygiene, core strengthening, among other disciplines, and that comes from her studies in Pilates: she has been through two specialised Master Degrees and years of working with clients, both ground and Pilates machines. This knowledge is applied to all disciplines taught by Raquel: Functional Training, Boxing and Yoga.

What Raquel knows best is that if sport is not performed with the correct technique, it can cause injuries, and depending on which exercises, it should be performed with a good Personal Trainer by your side. Because of her hip injury, already healed, she could verify that one cannot trust 100% any Personal Trainer. And that is why she likes clients being critic with her when she is teaching.

Raquel Training Team writes online Training Plans available to everybody, from anywhere in the world. We offer Training Plans to work out in a gym or at home: not everybody has time enough to attend a gym, or even has not one within reach. In this last scenario, and with very little material, you can work from home.

Our team will give you all the information you need to deal with your exercises correctly. The good execution of your training is a key factor to achieve your goals. The plan is formulated according to the client’s needs, as well as to their expertise and availability to keep up with it.

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