More than a practice, yoga is a lifestyle that heals, cares and strengthens the body, mind and spirit through the practice of asanas, breathing, relaxation and meditation.

The practice of yoga in any of its modalities produces a great change, not only physical, in those who practice it, because it provides control, balance and inner peace. Asanas lubricate organs, improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility, and help joints, muscles and other body parts work properly. Doing yoga regularly provides energy and improves health, strengthens and stretches the muscles of the entire body, correcting postural problems and preventing back and joint pathologies.

It is the most widespread form of yoga in our society. The
main objective of this modality is to strengthen the muscles of the
body and give them elasticity through exercises based on
body postures or ‘asanas’. This practice seeks to control the body
to also dominate the mind.

It is a modality derived from Hatha Yoga. In this modality, the POSTURES concatenate in a harmonious rhythm that connects body and mind, benefiting both. Although on a physical level, it involves intense training that works strength and flexibility, and it cannot be considered a mere gymnastic workout, since in dynamic yoga concentration is basic to advance in the knowledge of the own being in all its levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual …

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